About Us

The Lucky889 platform was developed, under the supervision of National Lotteries board, to address the modern Sri Lankan consumer needs. In a country that has more than 100% mobile penetration, Sri Lankans have always had to try their luck and achieve their dreams via a traditional approach. For the first time in Sri Lanka, consumers can buy all the lottery tickets available with NLB via any mobile operator in Sri Lanka through a simple SMS via their mobile phone.

Traditionally, how you would purchase a lottery ticket is either from a shop, or you see a “ticket man” riding along with plenty of tickets on his bike for purchase. Sometimes you hesitate to buy a ticket due to various reasons. Is it because you’re too lazy to walk the distance to buy the ticket? Afraid of humiliation that someone known will see you purchasing a lottery ticket? Or you’re too busy with work, managing your household, looking after your families that you simply do not have the time to go buy your lottery ticket; a ticket that might be the key in changing your life to be better than it already is! Lucky889 is your solution to all your ticket-attaining issues. Simply purchase your lottery ticket through your phone; it is a value added service! How convenient? One stop, on go, and a couple of buttons pressed and you have your lottery ticket at hand!